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  • Mudguard Toyota RAV4 Front Bumper

    Mudguard Toyota RAV4 Front Bumper

    Details of the item
    Condition of item required
    Seller’s notes: “The photographs accurately depict the condition of the item! Please call us with any queries you may have. additional information on the topicRegarding messages to vendors
    Number of manufacturer
    producer under the Toyota brand
    Toyota RAV4 Model
    RAV4 comparison number
    Place of installation
    left front
    Front assembly side EAN
    Not relevant module
    side panel of the body
    Product category: fin
    Sort of Product
    Product group: Body side panel; Factory wing; Color: Paint; Weight: Five items
    Sort of fastening
    Surface roughness that screws on for painting; quantity of pieces: 1 fender without attachments
    Compatibility with all platforms
    Nothing made of steel
    antique automobile component
    Nothing special
    Additional details on the OEM product
    Kindly be advised that painting is required for this area!
    Part of tuning and styling None
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