BMW 3 G20 Seat

BMW 3 G20 Seat

Details about Seats

MAH7 Leder Vernasca schwarz Naht grau is the BMW G20’s original upholstery.

VIN: 8B21915

Only 6218 kilometers traveled

Package contains: – 2 x front sport seats (complete with modules).

The Backseats

– Four identical door panels (no trims included).

Insert Armrest

The front seats are manual and do not have a memory setting. Icy and cold

Korean market LHD variant

Same as seen in pics condition.

There are no restraints or other safety equipment provided.


1,550.00$ 1,850.00$

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BMW 3 G20 Seat

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a speed machine that will only be used on the track, a display vehicle, or a highly serious street ride; the BMW 3 G20 Seat can be a terrific upgrade in any of these cases.

There aren’t many modifications that can have as significant of an impact on your experience behind the wheel as replacing your seat does, and that’s even setting aside the obvious safety considerations that come along with it.

A sport or race seat provides the driver with an engulfing and captivating grip that helps to hold him or her in place even in the most difficult driving conditions. This helps the driver to maintain control of the vehicle.

If you are securely fastened in a BMW 3 G20 Seat using the appropriate harnesses, you have the opportunity to become an integrated component of the vehicle. This is only feasible if you are properly restrained.

You’ll be able to drive with more self-assurance and concentration if you don’t have to worry about your stock seats shifting about while you’re behind the wheel.

Turner Motorsport is a certified Recaro dealer, and we use their seats in all of our racecars, as well as in our high-level tuner and custom build projects.

Their BMW 3 G20 Seat are among the best in the industry. We carry the whole line of Recaro tuner and race seats, in addition to the mounts, adapters, and other equipment that is necessary to use them.


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