BMW 5 Series front bonnet bumper fenders For G30 G31 520dX M-Sport

BMW 5 Series front bonnet bumper fenders

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Notes from the seller: “5,097 km mileage 31117385288 7385288, 41007440427 7440427, 41007443687 7443687, 41007443688 7443688, 63117214951 7214951, 63117214952 721495 2, 17118474824 8474824, 17428472266 8472266, 17518576509 8576509 are the manufacturer numbers. VIN: BP79631 TOP.
Producer: BMW; Color: Alpenweis III 300; Product Category:
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BMW 5 Series front bonnet bumper fenders

Hey there! Let’s take a simple stroll through the world of the BMW 5 Series front bonnet bumper fenders. We’ll keep it light, easy to grasp, and fun!

BMW 5 Series Front Bonnet, Bumper, and Fenders: Your Easy Guide

Hey, car enthusiast! Today, we’re going to chat about the BMW 5 Series front bonnet bumper fenders. These parts aren’t just there for show—they play vital roles in protecting your car, adding style, and making your driving experience smoother.

Front Bonnet (Hood):

Imagine the front bonnet of your BMW 5 Series as a shield, guarding the engine and other vital components underneath. Not only does it protect what’s beneath it, but it also contributes to the sleek and aerodynamic look of your car.


The bumper is like your car’s bodyguard, taking the hits and protecting the front of your vehicle in case of minor bumps or collisions. It’s made of durable materials designed to absorb impact and keep you safe. Plus, it adds a touch of style to the front end of your BMW 5 Series.


The fenders are like the sturdy shoulders of your BMW 5 Series, wrapping around the front wheels to shield them from debris and road spray. They also add a sporty touch to the car’s appearance, giving it a bit of flair.

Safety First:

The BMW 5 Series front bonnet bumper fenders are engineered with safety in mind. In case of a collision, the bumper absorbs impact to reduce damage and protect the occupants. The bonnet is designed to crumple in a controlled manner, minimizing injury risk to pedestrians in the event of an accident.

Aerodynamic Design:

These components are not just about looks—they are crafted to enhance aerodynamics. The sleek design of the bonnet, bumper, and fenders reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency, allowing your BMW 5 Series to glide through the air with ease.

Quality Materials:

BMW doesn’t compromise on quality. The BMW 5 Series front bonnet bumper fenders are crafted from high-quality materials that withstand the test of time. They are built to resist rust, corrosion, and wear, ensuring that your car maintains its pristine appearance for years to come.

Customization Options:

Want to add a personal touch to your BMW 5 Series? Some models offer customization options for the front bonnet, bumper, and fenders. You can choose different finishes, colors, or even opt for performance-enhancing features to make your car uniquely yours.

Maintenance Tips:

To keep your BMW 5 Series looking sharp, regular maintenance of the front bonnet, bumper, and fenders is key. Washing them regularly with a mild soap, checking for any signs of damage, and waxing to maintain their shine are simple ways to ensure they stay in top condition.

In a nutshell, the BMW 5 Series front bonnet bumper fenders are not just exterior components—they are vital elements that protect, style, and enhance your driving experience. From safety features to aerodynamic design, quality materials, customization options, and simple maintenance tips, these parts are a blend of functionality and style that add to the allure of your BMW 5 Series, making every drive a delight.


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