BMW X5 X6 F15 F16 brake upgrade system Front & rear Brembo 4 pot, lines to M5 parts

BMW X5 X6 F15 F16 brake upgrade system

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Part number F15_400-36, manufacturer, N/a, location on front and rear of the vehicle, as described
Tro-nik brand
One-year manufacturer’s warranty; includes mounting hardware; color as shown.
N/a Type OE/OEM Part Number
Brake Caliper and Bracket: 6 PCC Piston Quantity
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BMW X5 X6 F15 F16 brake upgrade system

The BMW X5 X6 F15 F16 brake upgrade system represents an advanced enhancement in performance and safety. This comprehensive upgrade offers drivers improved braking power, heat dissipation, and overall responsiveness, ensuring a more engaging driving experience and heightened safety measures for occupants.

The BMW X5 X6 F15 F16 brake upgrade system comes with larger, high-performance brake discs and enhanced calipers to provide increased stopping force and efficiency. These larger discs increase surface area for greater contact and heat dissipation, thus improving braking performance even during demanding driving conditions.

Additionally, the upgrade often includes specialized brake pads engineered to withstand high-performance driving. These pads offer improved friction properties, ensuring consistent and confident braking across a wide range of driving scenarios.

With this upgrade, the BMW X5 X6 F15 F16 brake upgrade system is tailored to meet the demands of high-performance driving, providing drivers with a sense of enhanced control, especially during spirited driving or emergency situations. This contributes to an overall improvement in driver confidence and vehicle safety.

Furthermore, the brake upgrade system offers a visual enhancement to the vehicle’s aesthetics, showcasing either larger or cross-drilled brake discs, and high-performance calipers. These striking visual cues reflect the vehicle’s sporty character, emphasizing both style and performance.

This comprehensive improvement in braking performance underscores BMW’s commitment to elevating the driving experience, ensuring that the vehicle’s safety and performance measures are adeptly catered to support the demands of dynamic driving.

In summary, the brake upgrade system for the BMW X5 (F15) and X6 (F16) represents a meticulous enhancement that combines improved stopping power, heat dissipation, and visual appeal, thus enhancing both safety and performance. This upgrade offers drivers an elevated sense of control and confidence, contributing to an engaging and secure driving experience.


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