Recaro Ford Focus Seat

Ford Focus Seat

Weight                              40 kg
Brand.                               Ford, RECARO
Condition                         demo
Fashion model                Focus
Color                                Navy Blue
Article number               10000
Functions                        Folding backrest, Manual backrest adjustment, Universal side airbag

950.00$ 1,050.00$

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Ford Focus Seat

High 1 Smoke Storm upholstery set of RECARO Ford Focus Seat made for the Ford Focus ST. manufactured in 2018 with plug-and-play capability in the third-generation Ford Focus. The car seats were taken from a demo vehicle, so they have some minor scratches that can be seen in the photos but are otherwise in excellent condition. The automobile seats have been professionally steam cleaned, and then coated with a material that prevents dirt from sticking to them.

Vehicle seats upholstered in RECARO’s signature High 1 Smoke Storm design are available now. RECARO custom-made these seats with the Ford Focus ST in mind. The third-generation Ford Focus began manufacturing in 2018, and was the first production vehicle to include plug-and-play technology.

The car seats were taken out of a demonstration vehicle and are virtually indistinguishable from brand new, save for some minor scratches that may be seen in the pictures. The professionals cleaned the automobile seats thoroughly and then coated them with a chemical that will keep dirt from sticking to them. This makes maintaining a spotless interior much less of a chore for the seats.
RECARO Ford Focus Seat offer support and protection that mitigate the negative effects of the aforementioned factors on occupant health. Body-hugging contours, firm upholstery, side bolsters, and a range of finely tuned adjustment choices are just some of the ergonomic design and anatomical construction features of these seats.

Ergonomic design is where our strengths lie. It’s conventional knowledge at this point that the human body wasn’t made for prolonged durations of sitting.


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