Mercedes GLS 63 AMG Seats Heated, Ventilation, Massage, Monitors

Mercedes GLS 63 AMG Seats

2nd-row heated/ventilated Heated and cooled 2nd-row seats
Multicontour 2nd-row massage seats Multicontour data 2nd-row massage seats
2nd-row headrests 2nd-row comfort headrest

2nd-row wireless charging 2nd-row wireless charging
2nd-row airbags 2nd-row side-impact airbag info
2nd-row MBUX tablet 2nd-row MBUX tablet details

Extreme temperatures 2nd-row cupholder Second-row cupholder heating/cooling
Cozy Bundle
Instant-heat chairs Fast front-seat heating: details

More front armrest heater settings
Heated second-row armrests. Second-row heated armrests: details
AC Delivery

Air Balance cabin purifier Air Balance, a car’s in-cabin air purifier, has more.
Scented car AC Air Balance Car air freshener: More Info


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Mercedes GLS 63 AMG Seats

The cabin of the most recent iteration of the GLS 63 is a breathtaking environment to be in. This particular example exemplifies both the meticulous attention to detail and high-caliber craftsmanship that have become synonymous with the Mercedes brand.The first two rows of the incredibly comfy Mercedes GLS 63 AMG Seats are heated as standard, while heating the third row is an optional extra.

The Mercedes GLS 63 AMG Seats themselves are made of exquisite leather. Additionally, ventilation and massaging capabilities are included as standard in the front seats.The presence of two screens measuring 12.3 inches each in these two seats creates the impression that the interior of the vehicle is even more roomy than it actually is.

The driver information display is located on the one directly behind the steering wheel, while the second display is touch-sensitive and manages infotainment with the assistance of the new MBUX software.Cupholders that can be heated or cooled, in addition to ambient lighting that comes in 64 different colors, add even more to the overall sense of luxury and superiority.

The GLS 63 has the capacity to accommodate up to seven passengers, and it is designed to provide a high level of both luxury and performance for its users. A six-seater variant is also available upon request; in this configuration, the bench in the second row is replaced by captain’s chairs.


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