Original VW ID4 front bumper with camera and LED lights

VW ID4 front bumper

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Novel: Additional (see item description): Unused, brand-new item with no wear indicators. Further information on the topicConcerning the state
11A941056A, 11A941654A, 11A941653A, 11A807217, 11A807221 are the manufacturer’s numbers.
Color code: Y9T; Manufacturer: Volkswagen; Color: Myth Black
Product Category: bumper; Front installation location
Product type: bumper; Original Equipment Manufacturer reference number(s): 11A807521, 11A971095AR, 11A853671A, 5WA980546D
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VW ID4 front bumper

The VW ID4 front bumper with a camera and LED lights is a vital component that integrates modern technology, advanced visibility, and safety features. This sophisticated assembly enhances both the vehicle’s aesthetics and its functionality, underscoring Volkswagen’s dedication to a refined and innovative driving experience.

The front bumper’s integrated camera is a pivotal safety feature. It complements the vehicle’s advanced driver assistance systems, offering features such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance. The camera aids in providing real-time visual information to the vehicle’s safety and convenience systems, ensuring enhanced situational awareness for the driver and contributing to an advanced driving experience.

The LED lights incorporated into the front bumper provide improved illumination and visibility. These lights deliver enhanced brightness and clarity, contributing to improved night-time and adverse-weather visibility. LED technology offers increased longevity and energy efficiency, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution that significantly improves the vehicle’s safety and driving experience.

In addition to their functionality, the LED lights add a modern and stylish flair to the vehicle’s front end. They complement the VW ID.4’s design language, offering a sleek and contemporary appearance that harmonizes with the vehicle’s overall aesthetic. This integration of form and function underscores Volkswagen’s commitment to both safety and modern design principles.

Moreover, the front bumper’s design with integrated camera and LED lights underscores Volkswagen’s dedication to providing a holistic and advanced driving experience. This design element offers a seamless blend of safety, technology, and modern styling, ensuring that the VW ID4 front bumper caters to both the driver’s needs and the vehicle’s overall visual appeal.

The installation of the front bumper with a camera and LED lights embodies a sophisticated and advanced design process. Volkswagen’s attention to detail and safety is evident in the seamless integration of advanced technologies within the vehicle’s exterior, providing enhanced safety and an up-to-date, modern appearance that aligns with the overall progressive nature of the VW ID4 front bumper.

In summary, the VW ID4 front bumper with a camera and LED lights is a vital component that harmoniously blends advanced safety features, modern technology, and sophisticated design. This assembly underscores Volkswagen’s commitment to providing a refined, innovative, and safe driving experience, ensuring enhanced visibility, advanced driver assistance, and a visually appealing front-end design that characterizes the modern and progressive spirit of the VW ID.4.



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