RECARO Ford Fiesta Seat

Ford Fiesta Seat

Weight.                              40 kg
Brand                                 Ford, RECARO
Condition                          demo
Fashion model                 Fiesta
Color                                  Ash, Black
Article number

7226647J.1.B02, 7226647J.2.B02, 7226648J.1.B02, 7226648J.2.B02, 7226650J.1.B02, 7226650J.2.B02, 7226651J.1.B02, 7226651J.2.B02, 7226653J.2.B02, 7226654J.1.B02, 7226656J.1.B02, 7226657J.2.B02


Functions                           Manual lumbar support, Manual backrest adjustment, Universal side airbag, Heating

1,250.00$ 1,350.00$

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Ford Fiesta Seat



Set of automobile seats crafted by RECARO and tailored to the specifications of the Ford Fiesta ST. These seats are upholstered in a dark fabric that has blue stitching, and the option to have heated seats is included with the purchase of each one.
The Ford Fiesta Seat are brand new, and the installation process is as easy as plugging them in and turning them on.
Because of the clever way in which these shoes have been constructed, even after a long day away from the street you will not feel fatigued, but rather supported, relaxed, and free of tension.
Because its products are used as industry standards for luxury automobiles, race vehicles, and even stadium seating, Recaro is the unchallenged leader in the aftermarket seating sector.
The Ford Fiesta Seat MK6/7 subframes are designed to make it simple and easy to install Recaro seats in your vehicle directly from the factory. For a sturdy and secure fitment, we strongly recommend using them in any and all feasible situations.
All of the above Recaro subframes can only be used with seats manufactured by the same manufacturer. while utilized with seats produced by other manufacturers, it is not possible to ensure that the precise fitment will occur while utilizing the sub-frames.
These subframes are only compatible with base-mountable bucket seats and reclining sport seats when used in vehicles. Without adaptation bars or side mounts, they will not work with seats that are mounted on the side. When placing your order, kindly check this.


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