Metallic silver instrument panel four-door multi-color VW Passat B8 ambient light interior panel suitable For 8.5 Arteon

VW Passat B8 ambient light


Credentials: ZERO
Beginning; CN(Origin).
Product Category: Atmosphere Lighting Product Name: 1
Twelve volts
Size of Item: 1 Inch
Dimensions: 70 cm; made of metal and plastic
One kilogram in weight
Unique Characteristics: 1


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VW Passat B8 ambient light

Some BCMs include built-in capability for RGBA lighting, so that a separate decoder (the little white box) is unnecessary.
The car’s dashboard VW Passat B8 ambient light can be switched to the left-hand driving orientation.

Thirty colors is the standard number of colors used by MIB host displays. Up to ten colors can be used with the 280 series! There’s enough for up to 30 hues on the 275 series! Different hosts use a wide variety of brush colors.

Product intro: the Passat B8 offers 30 more color options for the original ambient light (requires replacing the high-tech ambient light guiding light source)! If you’re interested in having an Arteon, CC, or B8 Variant fitted,

please get in touch with the seller and specify your model, year, and trim level. Due to the fact that their lengths deviate from the passat B8 light guide.

In regards to the item: For sale is a genuine Volkswagen from China, complete with its original light guide and Passat B8 lamp holder.About the little black box: if the multi-color lighting interface is brushed successfully (it will show what is the interface of multi-color lighting below),

Then you can use it by entering the -09 option in Vas 5054/VCDS and writing PRE. The high-end BCM (body control module) must be replaced before the 30-color ambient light may be used.



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