ZMS Clutch kit module plus CSC SACHS 2290 601 143

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ZMS Clutch kit module

Classification type C2: Over 100,000 kilometers is considered the average
Diesel Common Rail (Turbo) engine type
Engine number K9K800
1,461 cc engine size and a 5-speed gearbox
Type of gearbox
Drive Front Wheel Manually
Code for the gearbox JR5154
115,748 kilometers on the odometer


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ZMS Clutch kit module

The ZMS (Dual Mass Flywheel) Clutch Kit Module represents a vital and sophisticated component engineered to optimize performance, smoothness, and overall driving experience in modern vehicles. Designed with precision engineering and advanced materials, the ZMS Clutch Kit Module integrates seamlessly with the vehicle’s drivetrain, contributing to enhanced driving dynamics and overall efficiency.

The ZMS Clutch Kit Module is engineered to mitigate torsional vibrations and enhance driving comfort by effectively damping engine vibrations and fluctuations, thereby contributing to reduced noise and enhanced drivability. Its design incorporates a dual mass flywheel which provides enhanced torque transmission characteristics, promoting smoother gear changes and optimizing power transfer from the engine to the transmission system.

Moreover, the ZMS Clutch Kit Module’s adaptive design aims to minimize driveline shock and stress, enhancing vehicle drivability and providing a more refined and balanced driving experience. By reducing drivetrain vibrations and variations, this module bolsters the vehicle’s operational smoothness, contributing to improved overall performance.

Furthermore, the ZMS Clutch Kit Module offers an advanced solution for managing high torque and reduced vibration transmission, enhancing the vehicle’s overall drivability and performance, particularly during challenging driving scenarios.

In summary, the ZMS Clutch Kit Module is designed to offer enhanced driving comfort, reduced drivetrain stress, and optimized power transmission, reflecting its essential role in enhancing the vehicle’s overall driving experience and performance. Its seamless integration with modern vehicle drivetrains underscores its significance as a vital component, contributing to both driving comfort and vehicle efficiency.

2 Customer Reviews

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