Bentley Continental Flying spur seats original(GT Bentayga Mulsanne)

Bentley Continental Flying spur seats

Details about the interior of a Bentley Continental Flying spur seats

Leg Room, Front.           1,054 mm
Leg Room, Rear.             980 mm
Hip Room, Front             1,565 mm
Hip Room, Rear.             1,533 mm


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Bentley Continental Flying spur seats

However, a four-seater with a full-length center console that divides the right and left sides of the car is also available as an option for the Bentley Flying Spur. The standard layout of a Bentley Flying Spur seats five people (three in the back), although this configuration is not the only one available.

Regardless of the configuration of the seats, there will be sufficient room for the legs, knees, and heads of each and every passenger.

The middle seat in the back, if there is one, is typically more cramped and constrained in its capacity to accommodate passengers than the other three seats in the front.

Nevertheless, the Audi A8 and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class both have longer-wheelbase variants, which result in more passenger volume within the vehicle. The Flying Spur does not have the revolutionary rear-hinged back doors that are found on the Rolls-Royce Ghost. These doors are a useful feature.

The trunk has a capacity of 420 liters, which is sufficient for storing a few large pieces of baggage or a few beautiful shopping bags; however, for a car of this size, this capacity is on the smaller side. It is not possible to collapse the back seats in order to make extra space available.

The hybrid variant has a load capacity of 351 liters, which is slightly lower than what the hatchback version of the Volkswagen Golf has, in order to provide room for the electrical equipment. Both the A8 and the S-Class feature trunks that are more spacious.





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