BMW OEM NBT ID6 EVO Apple CarPlay Multimedia F20 F21 F22 F23 F87 M2 Infotainment


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“Parts are used, but they are in excellent condition.”
8780775, 8714315, 9866964, 6844126, 8709338, 9385202, and 9381039 are the manufacturer’s numbers.
Specifications of the BMW NBT EVO model by the manufacturer
3D map view, integrated hard drive, integrated GPS antenna, and Bluetooth
Playback formats: OEM for CD, DVD, JPEG, MP3, and MP4. BMW
8.8-inch screen size


920.00$ 950.00$

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The BMW OEM NBT ID6 EVO Apple CarPlay system represents a seamless integration of advanced infotainment and connectivity within the vehicle, offering drivers an interactive and convenient interface to access key features of their Apple devices. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of the BMW OEM NBT ID6 EVO Apple CarPlay system, showcasing a fusion of modern technology, seamless connectivity, and enhanced driving experiences.

### Enhanced Infotainment Integration

The BMW OEM NBT ID6 EVO Apple CarPlay system serves as a central hub for integrating Apple’s CarPlay functionality with the vehicle’s infotainment system. It enables intuitive access to essential iPhone features including calls, messages, maps, and music, all seamlessly displayed on the vehicle’s screen, ensuring a convenient and hands-free interaction with iOS devices.

### Seamless Apple Device Connectivity

CarPlay seamlessly connects the iPhone to the vehicle’s infotainment system, allowing the driver to access iOS features directly from the control display. This integration provides a familiar and ergonomic platform for interacting with essential apps, navigation, and communication features while driving.

### Safety and Convenience

By offering a familiar iOS interface within the vehicle, CarPlay emphasizes safety and convenience. Its integration with BMW’s onboard controls and voice recognition systems enhances ease of use, keeping drivers focused on the road while accessing essential in-car digital experiences.

### Continuous Updates and Compatibility

CarPlay’s functionalities are continuously updated and refined by Apple, ensuring that drivers benefit from the latest in-car digital experiences. The system’s compatibility with various iPhone models and iOS updates offers users the assurance of maintaining an up-to-date and seamless user experience.

### Holistic Infotainment Experience

The BMW OEM NBT ID6 EVO Apple CarPlay system extends the vehicle’s infotainment capabilities, allowing drivers to seamlessly access their iPhone’s features while on the move, promoting a balanced and intuitive user experience within the vehicle.

In conclusion, the BMW OEM NBT ID6 EVO Apple CarPlay system offers an ergonomic, safe, and convenient in-car connectivity, seamlessly integrating the best of iPhone functionality with the driving experience. From hands-free communication to navigation and entertainment, the CarPlay integration exemplifies BMW’s commitment to offering advanced technological solutions that enhance both connectivity and safety for drivers and passengers.


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