BMW X5 Range Blind Spot Assist Set New OEM G05 X6 G06

BMW X5 Range Blind Spot Assist

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Number of Sensors Warranty for One Type of Sensor
Black 30 Day Connector
Manufacturer’s Warranty Sensor Type Radar Sensor OEM/OEM Part Number 66325A0CDA7 / 5A0CDA7
Plastic Material Placement on Vehicle Front for One Month


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BMW X5 Range Blind Spot Assist

The BMW X5 Range Blind Spot Assist is an advanced safety feature designed to enhance driver awareness and help prevent potential accidents. The system is specifically engineered to detect and alert the driver about vehicles or objects in the blind spot zone, significantly reducing the chances of collisions during lane changes or merging maneuvers. Let’s delve into the key features and benefits of the BMW X5 Range Blind Spot Assist.

The Blind Spot Assist system in the BMW X5 Range utilizes cutting-edge sensor technology to constantly monitor the vehicle’s surroundings. It scans the adjacent lanes, particularly the areas that are typically not visible to the driver’s line of sight, and detects any vehicles or objects that may be in the blind spot zone.

When a vehicle is detected in the blind spot, the BMW X5 Range Blind Spot Assist system provides the driver with a visual warning signal. This warning usually appears on the side mirror or in the form of an icon on the dashboard, depending on the specific configuration of the vehicle. The driver is alerted to exercise caution before changing lanes, ensuring safer and more confident driving.

Moreover, the Blind Spot Assist system in the BMW X5 Range is designed to offer additional support during lane changes. It incorporates a feature commonly known as “Active Blind Spot Detection,” which can provide subtle steering input to help prevent unintentional lane departures or collisions. This proactive steering intervention only occurs when necessary, and it assists the driver in maintaining the intended lane position.

Another advantage of the BMW X5 Range Blind Spot Assist system is its adaptability to different driving situations and conditions. The system continually monitors the blind spot zones, even during high-speed driving or in heavy traffic. It accounts for various factors such as vehicle speed, distance, and closing rates to ensure accurate and timely warnings.

The BMW X5 Range Blind Spot Assist system functions as an additional set of eyes on the road, enhancing driver awareness and contributing to safer driving experiences. It serves as a valuable tool, particularly when changing lanes or maneuvering in complex traffic scenarios, providing drivers with essential information about their surroundings.

In summary, the BMW X5 Range Blind Spot Assist is a sophisticated safety feature that combines innovative sensor technology and proactive intervention to improve driver awareness and reduce the risk of accidents. It offers a visual warning signal and, in some cases, steering intervention to support drivers in making safer lane changes and maintaining their intended path.


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