ISR Performance Shorty Headers – Nissan VQ35HR VQ37VHR 350z 370z

ISR Performance Shorty Headers

In the Box You Will Find:

2 sets of long tube headers made of stainless steel
2x 2 bolt exhaust gaskets
2 gaskets connecting the head to the manifold
4x o2 sensor bung plugs
4x Exhaust Nuts
4x Exhaust Bolts

These are compatible with the VQ35DE in addition to the VQ35HR and the VQ37VHR since they get rid of the flange that was between the headers and the cats. Our clients have informed us that they fit both AWD and RWD vehicles, 350Z through Q50, left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD), provided that the vehicle has a VQ.


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ISR Performance Shorty Headers

Both the header and the catalytic converter that came stock on your vehicle can be upgraded with the ISR Performance Long Tube headers for VQ. The 304 brushes stainless steel and the heavy strength flanges that make up these long tube headers are used in construction.

These headers feature a stepped primary design and are constructed to keep as much low- and mid-range torque as possible while also allowing for good gains in top-end horsepower. This is accomplished by keeping as much of the primary as possible.

The innovative High Ground Clearance, “HGC” design places the collector in a position to maximize ground clearance without sacrificing performance.

Each header includes two o2 bungs, which are positioned downstream of the collector. This allows you to use the upstream and downstream o2 sensors that came with your vehicle. CELs can be avoided to some extent with the assistance of a flow restrictor installed in the downstream o2 sensor bung.


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