BMW 6 G32 Seats

BMW 6 G32 Seats

It comes with two front seats and a pair of modules.

– Rear seats (missing armrest side panels)

– 3 sets of door skins

Heated front seats.

ECE market (Germany) LHD variant.

As seen in the photographs condition

There are no safety features (such as airbags or seatbelts) built in.



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BMW 6 G32 Seats

Please note that this is a universal BMW 6 G32 Seats made for 5 seater automobiles on the market, and as such, it will fit 99.99 percent of all 5 seater cars. We will give you a snapshot of the tested car seat to prove that it fits perfectly in your vehicle if you have a unique car seat and are unsure whether or not it will work.

BMW 6 G32 Seats adjustments are available at our shop. Depending on the model and year of your Tesla, the size and shape of the seats can be changed.

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