BMW F36 Gran Coupe sport Seats Interior

BMW F36 Gran Coupe sport Seats

Product description:

BDAT Stoff Move/anthrazit Original BMW F36 Gran Coupe Interior Upholstery

VIN: G185607

4553 kilometers traveled

– Two front sport seats (with all modules) are included in the set.

– back seats

– door trims, if not trimmed

Electric, memory-adjustable front seats

Version LHD – from the EU market, Germany

in the same condition as in the photos.

No safety components—airbags, seat belts, etc.—are supplied.



1,400.00$ 1,450.00$

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BMW F36 Gran Coupe sport Seats

When it comes to comfort and performance, the BMW F36 Gran Coupe Sport Seats are a finely-tailored option. These specially designed seats are crafted to offer an ideal blend of support and a sporty feel. With increased bolstering and carefully chosen materials, these seats emphasize both comfort and dynamic driving experiences.

The BMW F36 Gran Coupe sport Seats are meticulously designed to offer enhanced lateral support, providing a snug and comfortable fit for occupants during spirited driving. The increased side bolstering ensures that drivers and passengers remain well-supported, particularly during corners and agile maneuvers. This feature significantly enhances the feeling of being securely located within the seat, thus allowing the driver to remain focused and engaged with the road ahead.

On the comfort front, the BMW F36 Gran Coupe sport Seats are tailored to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for occupants, even during extended drives. The seats are designed to uphold the principles of ergonomics, ensuring that they effectively cradle the body and minimize fatigue. Ample cushioning and supportive padding contribute to a pleasant driving experience, promoting comfort and relaxation over long journeys.

The use of carefully chosen materials further emphasizes the sporty and luxurious persona of the BMW F36 Gran Coupe’s interior. Whether it’s supple leather, Alcantara, or iconic M-design sport upholstery, these seats exude sophistication, elegance, and a dynamic character, ensuring that the driving environment imparts a sense of both sportiness and refined luxury.

These specially engineered sport seats are a key element in amplifying the overall driving experience of the BMW F36 Gran Coupe. Their balance of increased support, comfort, and stylish design complements the vehicle’s sporty nature, offering occupants an exciting and comfortable journey.

In summary, the BMW F36 Gran Coupe sport Seats exemplify a harmonious fusion of enhanced lateral support, comfort, and sophisticated design. Their blend of increased bolstering, supportive materials, and ergonomic engineering underscores their significance as an essential component, contributing to a refined, comfortable, and engaging driving experience for both driver and passengers.


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