2019-2021 BMW DIGITAL SPEEDOMETER X5 X6 X7 g05 g06 g07 12.3 INCH 62105A5A9F3 OEM


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BMW X7 Year 20 Model Stock B79536 ID 85C0CF31-BF20-495F-87E3-9DDD30FD59C3 Interchange 257-13238


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The BMW DIGITAL SPEEDOMETER is a modern and advanced feature that provides drivers with real-time and accurate speed information. It replaces the traditional analog speedometer with a digital display, offering enhanced readability and customization options. Let’s delve into the key features and benefits of the BMW digital speedometer.

The BMW DIGITAL SPEEDOMETER in BMW vehicles utilizes a high-resolution display to present speed information in a clear and easily readable format. The digital display typically shows the speed in large, bold numbers, making it easy for drivers to quickly glance at their current speed without any confusion.

One significant advantage of the digital speedometer is its precise accuracy. Unlike analog speedometers, which may have minor variations and calibration issues, the digital speedometer provides a highly accurate reading of the vehicle’s speed. This accuracy is essential for maintaining safe and legal driving speeds.

Additionally, the BMW DIGITAL SPEEDOMETER often offers customization options, allowing drivers to personalize their display preferences. Depending on the model and trim level, drivers may be able to adjust the font size, color, or graphic design of the digital speedometer. This customization option enables drivers to tailor the display to their liking and optimize visibility according to their preferences and driving conditions.

In some BMW models, the digital speedometer may be integrated with other information displays, such as the head-up display or the central infotainment screen. This integration allows drivers to have speed information readily available in their line of sight, enhancing safety and convenience. Drivers can view their speed without diverting their attention from the road, promoting a more focused and attentive driving experience.

The digital speedometer also often includes additional features such as speed limit display or speed warning alerts. These features provide visual or audible notifications when the vehicle exceeds a preset speed limit, helping drivers maintain compliance with local speed regulations and avoid potential penalties.

Furthermore, the digital speedometer can be complemented with other driving-related information, such as navigation instructions, fuel consumption, or driving assistance system notifications. This consolidated display of information allows drivers to have all essential driving details readily available in one place, minimizing distractions and improving overall driving efficiency.

In conclusion, the BMW digital speedometer is a modern and technologically advanced feature that offers accurate speed readings, improved readability, and customization options. Its integration with other information displays and additional features enhance the overall driving experience by providing vital information at a glance. The digital speedometer embodies BMW’s commitment to advanced technology and driver-centric design.


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