BMW Steering G Series Wheel OEM G30 G11 G12 G05 G14 G15 G07 M Performance Sport Alcantara

BMW Steering G Series Wheel

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Manufacturer Part Number 32302448757 or 32302444448 Material Leather & Alcantara Brand BMW
Germany is the manufacturer country or region.
Black, type Steering Wheel, Manufacturer’s Warranty
Placement on Vehicle Front Fitment Type Direct Replacement Yes OE Spec or Performance/Custom


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BMW Steering G Series Wheel

The BMW Steering G Series Wheel represents the pinnacle of steering wheel technology, providing drivers with a dynamic and intuitive driving experience. With its sleek design, sophisticated features, and advanced functionality, the G Series Steering Wheel embodies BMW’s commitment to innovation and driving pleasure. Let’s delve into the key features and benefits of the BMW Steering G Series Wheel.

The G Series Steering Wheel is designed to offer a perfect balance between elegance and functionality. It features a sporty and ergonomic design, which ensures a comfortable grip and enhances the overall driving experience. The carefully sculpted contours and strategically placed controls provide easy access to various functions without compromising driver comfort or safety.

One of the notable features of the BMW Steering G Series Wheel is its multifunctionality. BMW has integrated various controls and buttons directly onto the steering wheel for quick access and convenient operation. These controls allow drivers to manage a wide range of vehicle functions without taking their hands off the wheel or diverting their attention from the road.

Common functionalities found on the BMW Steering G Series Wheel include audio volume control, phone connectivity, voice command activation, and cruise control settings. Some models may also feature paddle shifters for manual gear shifting in vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions. These intuitive controls ensure that drivers can easily manage essential functions and maintain optimal control over their BMW.

In addition to its multifunctionality, the BMW Steering G Series Wheel is often equipped with advanced driver assistance systems. These systems include functionalities such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and collision warning. Integrated sensors within the steering wheel enable these systems to monitor driver inputs and provide feedback or intervention when necessary, enhancing safety and driving confidence.

Furthermore, BMW often offers customization options for the BMW Steering G Series Wheel. Depending on the model and trim level, drivers may have the choice of different materials, finishes, and design elements. This customization allows drivers to tailor their steering wheel to match their personal preferences and complement the interior aesthetics of their BMW.

In conclusion, the BMW Steering G Series Wheel embodies the brand’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and driving pleasure. With its ergonomic design, intuitive controls, and advanced functionalities, the G Series Steering Wheel offers a seamless and engaging driving experience. It provides drivers with easy access to essential functions, superior grip, and responsive handling, making it a vital component in BMW’s dedication to delivering the ultimate driving experience.


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